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    Mastering Temperature Control in ERW Tube Mill Machines

    The ERW (Electric Resistance Welding) Tube Mill Machine is a sophisticated piece of equipment in the steel pipe manufacturing industry. Understanding the temperature control in these machines is crucial for producing high-quality tubes. This article delves into the intricacies of temperature regulation in ERW Tube Mill Machines.

    Temperature Control in ERW Tube Mill Machines:

    • The ERW Tube Mill Machine unit processes strip steel into welded pipes. Through multiple rollers, the strip steel is gradually formed into a round tube blank with an open gap. The key to successful welding lies in controlling this gap and ensuring the edges of the weld are flush.
    • If the gap is too large, it reduces the proximity effect, leading to insufficient eddy current and potentially poor welds. Conversely, a too-small gap can cause excessive welding heat, leading to weld burns or surface quality issues.

    The Role of High-Frequency Eddy Current Heat Power:

    • The welding temperature is primarily influenced by the high-frequency eddy current heat power. This power is affected by the current frequency, with the heat power being proportional to the square of the current excitation frequency.
    • The excitation frequency itself is influenced by factors like voltage, current, and the capacitance and inductance in the circuit. Adjusting these elements can change the excitation frequency, thereby controlling the welding temperature.The excitation frequency formula is: f=1/[2π(CL)1/2]…(1)    f-excitation frequency (Hz); C-capacitance in excitation loop (F), capacitance=electricity/voltage; L-inductance in excitation loop, inductance=magnetic flux/current

    Optimal Welding Temperatures for Quality:

    • For low carbon steel, the ideal welding temperature is maintained between 1250 to 1460°C. This range is suitable for achieving proper penetration for pipe wall thicknesses of 3 to 5mm.
    • Adjusting the welding speed is another method to achieve the desired welding temperature, ensuring the quality and integrity of the welded pipes.


    • What is an ERW pipe mill? An ERW pipe mill is a machine used for producing welded pipes through the electric resistance welding process.
    • What is an ERW tube? An ERW tube is a tube produced by electric resistance welding, used in various applications due to its strength and versatility.
    • What is the manufacturing process of ERW? The ERW manufacturing process involves forming steel strips into tubes and then welding them using electric resistance.
    • What is a tube mill machine? A tube mill machine is equipment used to produce high-quality tubes and pipes in various sizes and materials.

    Conclusion: Temperature control in ERW Tube Mill Machines is a critical aspect of the pipe manufacturing process. By understanding and mastering these controls, manufacturers can ensure the production of high-quality, reliable steel tubes and pipes.

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