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    Steel Coil Slitting Line Machine

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    Steel Coil Slitting Line Machine Description

    Slitting Machine is mainly used for slitting of raw materials like the Stainless Steel Strips, Steel Coil, Carbon Steel Strips, and Copper Strips. The big coils are into a smaller width coils by setting the slitting cutters on cutter stand, The main equipment’s of slitting machine are un-coiler, coil lifting trolley, Pinch roll unit, leveling unit, slitting stand, scrap winder units , tension roll unit, re-coiler, over arm separator, coil pusher, unloader etc.

    According to the material slitting thickness there are thin plate or board slitting machine,media-thickness plate or board slitting machine and thick plate or board slitting machine. According to the metal materials there are copper strips slitting machine,stainless steel slitting machine,cold or hot rolled plate slitting machine,silicone steel slitting machine.

    slitting machine

    Steel Coil Slitting Machine Parameter

    Applicable Material HR Coil, CR Coil, GI Coil, Stainless Coil
    Material Thickness 0.2-2.3mm, 0.5-3.0mm, 1-6mm, 2-8mm, 3-12mm
    Material Width 400, 650, 800, 1250, 1600, 1800, 2000mm
    Material Weight 5t, 10t, 15t, 20t
    Cutting Speed (m/min)
    Remark Customize According To Customer Requirements

    Steel Coil Slitting Machine Process

    Coilcar → Decioler → Straightener → Shearer→ Rectifying → Slitter → Scrap reciler → Tension machine → Recoiler → Unloading Colicar → Hold Down Arm

    slitting machine process

    Steel Coil Slitting Machine Application

    slitting machine application

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