Steel Pipe Cold Roll Forming Machine

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Cold Roll Forming Machine

Steel Pipe Cold Roll Forming Machine

Steel pipe cold roll forming machine is specialized for cold rolled section steel with wide spread uses for metallurgy, construction, transportation, machinery and vehicle industries.
Steel Pipe Roll forming machine takes steel strip as raw material, produces cold rolled section steel by cold rolled section forming technology according to relevant request. This kind of technology is advanced and reliable, PROFIBUS technology is also adopted to the control system. All of these ensured highly synchronization accuracy and best product quality. All the indicators and operational costs are controlled at the lowest level, which is greatly rewarded by the producers.

Cold Roll Forming Machine Application

High frequency cold roll forming machine is used in the production of steel welded pipes. High frequency welding has larger power supply, and higher welding speed can be achieved for steel pipes with different material, caliber and wall thickness.

Water pipe, Heating pipe, Low-pressure process pipe line, Low pressure fire fighting pipe line, Sewage pipes, Steel scaffolding pipe wire and cable protection pipe, Structural support steel pipe industrial steel pipes, Decoration pipe, Oil & Gas pipes

Production Process

Scrolling up → Uncoiling → Shear and Welding → Spiral accumulator→ Forming → H.F. induction welding → External burr removing → Cooling → Sizing → Flying saw → Run out table →Inspecting→ Packing→ Warehouse

Pipe Mill Flow Chart

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