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    Steel Pipe Making Machine Installation Precautions

    Steel coil

    1. For raw materials, if you want to use stainless steel welded pipe equipment for normal processing, you must pay attention to the problems of the raw materials during transportation or loading and unloading, and try not to cause bumps or scratches.

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    2. For the used site, the processing site should be stable, and some bedding should be made on the workbench for reprocessing, so as to avoid the phenomenon of scratching the steel pipe on the workbench during operation.

    shear butt welder

    3. When performing cutting construction, for the raw materials to be welded, either shearing or plasma cutting is used. When cutting, use something like rubber for paving.

    4. After using stainless steel welding equipment for welding, clean the surface in time to ensure the best construction effect.

    5. For the completed welding construction, it is necessary to do a good job in the protection construction of the finished product, try not to touch and other phenomena, so as to effectively avoid secondary pollution.

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