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    Steel pipe production line of the Two Main Equipment

    Flat Head Chamfering Machine

    Flat head chamfering machine

    Steel pipe production line needs a lot of equipment on the production line to help with production. Here are two of them, one is the pipe end chamfering machine, and the other is the hydraulic testing machine. First of all, let’s talk about the pipe end flat head In the chamfering machine, the end of the pipe cut by the cutting machine generally has some incision defects and burrs. In order to meet the subsequent process and the user’s requirements for the beveling, the burr and the inner and outer edges of the pipe end need to be trimmed. Flat-head chamfering machine is a device used to mill both ends of welded pipes to make them flat and chamfered. It is composed of steel pipe feeding device, steel pipe clamping device, tool holder, follower device, transmission device, frame body and other parts. The working process of the flat head chamfering machine can realize automatic continuous cycle and automatic control.

    Hydraulic Testing Machine

    hydraulic testing machine

    Hydrostatic testing is the main equipment for welded pipe production. At present, the working process of the hydraulic testing machine used in the production of welded pipes is: feeding, clamping, filling with water, pressurizing, maintaining pressure, releasing pressure, and discharging. This process also constitutes the basic action cycle of the test tube hydraulic press. Modern hydraulic testing machines are all controlled by PLC, so that each work process is automatically completed in sequence, and it has the function of automatic recording of test results and parameters. According to the seal form, it can be divided into radial seal and end face seal. Radial sealing is a sealing ring matched with the inner diameter or outer diameter of the welded pipe, and the purpose of sealing the pipe wall is achieved by the expansion of the sealing ring under pressure. The force is small and it is not easy to bend, but the structure of the sealing head is relatively complex, with many specifications, and there is a test blind zone at the pipe end; the end face seal relies on the pressure of the sealing material and the end face of the pipe mouth to achieve the purpose of sealing the pipe mouth, and its advantage is that the test structure is simple , Good versatility, but higher requirements for sealing material performance, oil-water pressure difference ratio and servo control system.

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