Tube Mill Steel Pipe Cold Cutting Saw – Flying Saw Cutter

Steel Tube Cold Flying Saw Cutter Description

Flying Saw Cutter1
Flying Saw Cutter1-3

Steel Pipe Flying Saw Cutter is the mechanical equipment which used in continuously production, auto fixed ruler cutting steel pipes,which is one of the element support device for weld pipe production line.

Low inertia DC motor through mechanical transmission device, measuring, calculate and driving saw car at the same speed with the high-speed running pipe, then cut off the pipe with specified length.

Flying Saw Cutter Advantages


PLC Controller
Combination of LCD and control cabinet, developed it ourselves. Different pipes with different parameters.

Flying Saw Cutter Servo Motor

Flying Saw Cutter Servo Motor
Different pipes equipped with different size servo Motor, Yaskawa servo motor is avaliable as well. Usually, we adopts Siemens Yaskawa motor and Driver.

Flying Cutter Saw

Saw Blade
oversea’s brand
Equipped two blade with the Equipment as free.

flying saw cutter encoder

Flying Saw Cutter Encoder
Domestic famous engines, strong driving force, low fuel consumption, high economic benefits 12F+4R sliding sleeve shift.

1. Seven-roller leveling of the computer flying saw equipment. The flat plate has a good effect. The transmission adopts an active coupling, which can automatically disconnect from the host computer to avoid the equipment running difficult due to non-synchronization.
2. The roll mold has high hardness and good wear resistance. Generally, there is no obvious wear within 2 years of use.
3. The host is adjusted by external nuts, and it is convenient and practical to change the model. It has high hardness and will never bend.
4. The adjustment sleeve adopts a snap-in type, which is very convenient to disassemble, has good interchangeability, is not easy to fall off, and is easy to replace.
5. High automation procedures, saving manpower, saving time, and standard discharging.

Production Process

Scrolling up → Uncoiling → Shear and Welding → Spiral accumulator→ Forming → H.F. induction welding → External burr removing → Cooling → Sizing → Flying saw → Run out table →Inspecting→ Packing→ Warehouse

Tube Mill Flow Chart

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