100-800KW High Frequency Steel Pipe Welding Machine

Solid State High Frequency Welder
Solid State High Frequency Welder
HF welding machine1-3

High Frequency Steel Pipe Welding Machine

Tube Mill High Frequency Welder is specially designed for straight seam welding. It adopts high power components of US IR IRFP460 MOSFET and Germany IXYS Company DSEI60-06A rapid recovery diode. The high power capacitor C and inductor coil L compose current-mode parallel upper-voltage resonance circuit, which doesn’t need output transformer. Thus, it not only improves the efficiency, but also increases the reliability of the welder.It includes Inverter Unit, DC power Unit, Central Control Unit, Water-water(air-water) cooling Unit, Rectifier Isolaiton Transform.

The whole set of solid state HF welder comprises of rectifying cabinet, inverter and output cabinet, connecting optical fiber, closed loop water cooling system, central operator console, mechanical adjustment device, etc … Solid state welder is used to be a high performance-heating unit controlled by computer for welding steel pipe.

High Frequency Pipe Welding Machine Parameter

Model No.Rated Output PowerRated DC VoltageRated DC CurrentOutput FrequencyEfficiencyRipple CoefficientModule QTYPower factor
CG-HF100100KW235V500A400KHZ>85%<1%2 Pairs0.9
CG-HF150150KW235V750A300KHZ>85%<1%3 Pairs0.9
CG-HF200200KW235V1000A300KHZ>85%<1%4 Pairs0.9
CG-HF250250KW235V1250A300KHZ>85%<1%5 Pairs0.9
CG-HF300300KW235V1500A300KHZ>85%<1%6 Pairs0.9
CG-HF400400KW235V2000A300KHZ>85%<1%8 Pairs0.9
CG-HF600600KW235V3000A300KHZ>85%<1%12 Pairs0.9
CG-HF800800KW235V4000A200KHZ>85%<1%16 Pairs0.9
CG-HF10001000KW235V5000A150KHZ>85%<1%20 Pairs0.9

Production Process

Scrolling up → Uncoiling → Shear and Welding → Spiral accumulator→ Forming → H.F. induction welding → External burr removing → Cooling → Sizing → Flying saw → Run out table →Inspecting→ Packing→ Warehouse

Pipe Mill Flow Chart

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