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    Operating Regulations of  Steel Pipe Making Machine

    1.Coil handling

    Coil handling

    1. In order not to affect the normal operation of the pipe making machine and create favorable working conditions for the next process, the feeder must carefully study the operating procedures and be familiar with the specifications of various strip steels. The operator first checks whether the specifications of the incoming materials are consistent with the requirements before making materials, and check the incoming materials specifications with a micrometer or caliper, which is a prerequisite for ensuring the quality of the welded pipe.

    2. Cut off the steel strip that does not meet the process requirements after inspection, the angle is 90 degrees when cutting.

    3. During the butt joint, the strip steel should be aligned neatly. The burrs of the blanks should be placed on the same surface (upward) before welding. The welding joints should be smooth, uniform, continuous, and there should be no overburning, wrong openings, and incomplete welding. Phenomenon, the thickness of the weld joint should not be higher than 0.5 times the thickness of the strip steel. Use a hammer to remove the slag, and then use the feeding device to send the strip steel into the loop or storage box.

    2.Steel Pipe Forming

    steel pipe forming

    1. The forming quality of the tube blank has a decisive influence on the welding quality. Therefore, the improvement of the quality of the steel pipe depends to a large extent on the adjustment of the forming. In order to ensure a good forming quality, it is not only necessary to have a reasonable forming roll pass. Design, and must have a certain adjustment technology.

    2. From the first pass to the last pass, the line connecting the lowest point of each pass is called the bottom line of the forming. The bottom line can be adjusted by adjusting the height of the lower roller block. To ensure that the forming bottom line is a horizontal line during the forming process, the level of the bottom line can be determined by the method of hanging the line, and then the upper roller is adjusted to a certain position according to the specifications of the welded steel pipe. When adjusting, the forming volume of each roll should be made uniform to avoid the influence of uneven force on the performance of the unit. The forming vertical roll should be adjusted horizontally and axially to ensure that the pass and center are in a straight line.

    3. The steel strip enters the forming machine, and the shape of the formed steel pipe directly affects the welding quality. When the steel pipe exits the guide roller, there should be an opening angle of the welding rod at the welding port of the pipe.

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