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    Operating Regulations of  Steel Pipe Making Machine

    8.Cut Off the Steel Pipe

    Pipe Cutting Machine

    The length of the process ruler directly affects the quality and sales of finished pipes. The length of the preparation ruler should be controlled within ±5mm, so the operator strictly works according to the following operations.

    1. Power transmission to the control cabinet
    2. Close the automatic switches in the control cabinet
    3. Close the power switch of the console and start the computer
    4. Close the unloading start button
    5. Turn the internal and external control buttons of the power supply cabinet of the server to the external position, and turn the direction button to the directional position

    6. First press the stepping power start button, and press the saw blade motor start button to start work
    7. The microcomputer display menu prompts, which can be used for manual, simulation, automatic and setting tools
    8. Before running, the compressed air pressure should be 0.6Mpa, and use the manual button to check whether the saw and brake cylinder can move.
    9. Before running, use a hand tool to move the flying saw trolley back to the zero position switch, and the trolley will automatically change
    10. After the head of the welded pipe exceeds the speed measuring roller, close the upper press button of the speed measuring roller, and the pulse coding can work

    11. When you want to run automatically or simulation tools, press the start key on the small keyboard, the flying saw will automatically run repeatedly
    12. Press the stop button to stop the working program. The flying saw trolley will finish cutting and then return to the zero position. Press the key to select tools and change the set parameters. If all the stops, turn off the microcomputer switch, and then other switches and buttons are the reverse process of the boot process. (The start button is changed to the stop button)
    13. When the welded pipe unit has a long pause, turn off the stepping power and the saw blade motor stops, which saves energy
    14. Frequently check the working pulse quality of the speed measuring photoelectric encoder to prevent it from hitting the encoder or immersing it in water

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