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    Operating Regulations of  Steel Pipe Making Machine

    9.Flat Head (Deburring) :


    According to the different specifications of the steel pipe, adjust the position of the flat head knife and the shape of the grinding, the feeding speed and eating force is moderate, the steel pipe end face after the flat head should be smooth and smooth to meet the process requirements.

    10.Test the Quality of Steel Pipes:

    test steel pipe

    Inspectors shall inspect the finished tube bending (not more than 0.8 mm per metre, each not more than 5 mm), roundness (ovality less than 0.3 mm) and welded pipe surface should not have blow hole, slag, weld surface, and other debris, are not allowed to have a mouth burnt, scratch, mark, must weld penetration, the pipe inner weld reinforcement should be full, uniform, continuous, the joint pipe, slotted into the finished product after repair welding and grinding tube not more than 3%, with different tube for hydraulic test, test pressure shall not be less than 15 mpa.


    packaging pipe

    The steel pipes that have passed the inspection shall be packed, labeled, stacked neatly and put into storage.

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