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    Judge the quality of stainless steel pipe

    There are many types of stainless steel, so there are many ways to judge the quality of stainless steel pipes.

    At room temperature, there are two types of stainless steel pipes: austenitic and ferrite. The austenitic type is non-magnetic or weakly magnetic, and the martensitic or ferrite type is magnetic. However, in the production process of stainless steel pipes, its magnetism will appear due to different processing conditions or fluctuations in chemical composition. Therefore, it is not entirely reasonable to use magnetism to judge the quality of stainless steel pipes.

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    Method to judge the quality of stainless steel pipe

    1. Look at the price. Obviously lower than the normal market price of stainless steel, you need to carefully screen to judge the authenticity.
    2. Look at the material. Familiar with some basic features and characteristics of stainless steel pipes, make selections through on-site judgment.
    3. Look at the surface treatment. Observe whether the surface of the stainless steel pipe is bright, whether there are black lines, whether it is smooth, whether there are strains, crushes, etc.; while stainless steel industrial pipes, such as automobile exhaust pipes, petroleum pipelines, etc., are used for industrial purposes. The welding seam requirements are relatively strict. It is necessary to observe whether the stainless steel pipe has missing welding, whether the thickness is uniform, etc.

    There are many ways to judge the quality of stainless steel pipes. Since various stainless steels have different levels of corrosion resistance, not all of them are absolutely stainless. The manufacturers of high-frequency welded pipe units believe that the best way is corrosion test.

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