High-frequency Welding Pipe Making Machine is to work through slited coil is uncoiled and feed into forming section passing through the equipment of entry section. Entry section enables H.F Pipe Making Machine to run continuously by using strip joining and accumulator. Before pipe welding, pipe is formed in round shape passing through a series of driven and idler rollers of forming section. In welding section pipe is longitudinally welded by using high frequency induction welding method. Outside bead is removed and formed in shape of scrap. The weld seam is ironed and pipe passes through the cooling section. Then in sizing section, pipe is formed to specified size and converted into specified shape. After sizing, pipe is cut to required length by using flying saw cut off equipment and delivered to collecting table after passing through run out conveyor.

· H.F Pipe Making Machine

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Technical Parameters Of H.F Pipe Making Machine:

No. Round Pipe OD(mm) Sq.&Rect.pipe(mm) Thickness(mm) Forming speed(m/min)
CG-32 φ13-φ32 12*12-25*25 0.6-2.2 70-130 m/min
CG-50 φ16-φ50.8 10*10-50*50 0.6-3.0 60-120 m/min
CG-76 φ12.7-φ76 25*25-60*60 0.7-3.0 20-120 m/min
CG-89 φ25-φ95 20*20-75*75 1.0-3.0 20-110 m/min
CG-114 φ40-φ114 40*40-90*90 1.0-3.5 20-65 m/min
CG-127 φ48-φ127 40*40-100*100 1.0-4.0 20-60 m/min
CG-165 φ76-φ165 60*60-130*130 2.0-6.0 20-50 m/min
CG-219 φ89-φ219 70*70-150*150 4.0-8.0 20-50 m/min

H.F Pipe Making Machine features: high precision pipe making, stable performance, high yield, full automation, simple operation, durable, sturdy machine, continuous production, high efficiency, less material waste, and low production cost. H.F Pipe Making Machine including: Uncoiler, forming welding section, welding seam leveling, welding seam grinding section, initial sizing section, bright solid solution, sizing and straightening section, pipe cutting machine, output cutting platform. The production line control system is: intelligent high-precision PLC control, man-machine display, simple operation, easy to use, safe and reliable.

H.F Pipe Making Machine Application

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Steel Pipe Making Machine Flow Chart

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