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    ERW Pipe Mill For Sale, ERW Pipe Mill Highlights

    ERW Pipe Mill Efficiency

    1. Hot Sale ERW Pipe Mill Using electromagnetic control system to correct the arc trajectory, improving working speed at least 25% higher and guaranteeing the welding seam quality. The highest speed could reach up to 12 m/min for the TIG welding with excellent welding seam.
    2. It not only speeds up the efficiency, but also save the consumption and factory’s room, with continuous, single tube and on-line heat processing. The minimun processed O.D could be 10-12.7mm.

    Sizing machine

    ERW Pipe Mill Automation And Anti-corrossion

    High quality rollers are made of material SKD11, with vacumm gas quenching. Hardness reaches up to 64-66, with CNC high precision processing.
    Precise CNC processing could ensure the smooth surface with less scratch happenning when forming. Accurate size could controle the tolerance at the range of ±0.5-1.0 mm.
    Visible design of micro adjusting device of roller’s lifting, making roller replacement higher operability.

    ERW Pipe Mill Sizing Machine

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