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    ERW H.F.W Tube Mills/Steel Pipe Making Machine

    tube mill machine

    Chenguan Tube Mill Machine Features

    1. High Precision: Ovality of pipe can be reached to ±0.03mm, which is used to produce high precision pipe, such as cylinder tube, transmission shaft tube, etc.

    2. High Speed: Running speed can be reach 150m/min.

    3. Quick Change System: Small diameter tube mill adopts complete fast change structure, greatly reduce the time of roller changing. Large diameter pipe mill adopts exclusive quick change system.

    4. Roller Common Use System: “FFX” Forming & Direct Forming to Square, can save 60-80% roller cost for user.

    5. Special Tube Mill for: Large diameter with thin wall thickness. Small diameter with large wall thickness. High strength section steel, “9” shape pipe, etc.

    Steel Tube Mill Technical Parameters



    Round Pipe 圆管 Square&Rectangular Pipe 方矩管 Speed 速度


    Diameter管径(mm) Thickness壁厚(mm) Diameter管径(mm) Thickness壁厚(mm)
    ERW32 10-38mm 0.5-2.0mm 10×10-30x30mm 0.5-1.6mm Max. 120m
    ERW50 15-51mm 0.5-2.5mm 15×15-40x40mm 0.5-2.0mm Max. 120m
    ERW60 16-60.3mm 0.5-3.0mm 15×15-50x50mm 0.5-2.5mm Max. 120m
    ERW76 20-76mm 1.0-4.0mm 20×20-60x60mm 1.0-3.0mm Max. 120m
    ERW89 25-89mm 1.0-4.5mm 20×20-70x70mm 1.0-3.5mm Max. 120m
    ERW114 38-114mm 1.0-5.0mm 40×40-90x90mm 1.0-4.0mm Max. 80m
    ERW165 60-165mm 2.0-6.0mm 50×50-150x150mm 2.0-5.0mm Max. 60m
    ERW219 89-219mm 3.0-8.0mm 80×80-200x200mm 3.0-8.0mm Max. 50m
    ERW273 114-273mm 4.0-10.0mm 100×100-250x250mm 4.0-10.0mm Max. 40m
    ERW325 165-325mm 4.0-12.7mm 100×100-300x300mm 4.0-12.0mm Max. 30m
    ERW426 219-426mm 5.0-14.0mm 150×150-350x350mm 5.0-14.0mm Max. 30m
    ERW508 219-508mm 6.0-16.0mm 200×200-400x400mm 6.0-16.0mm Max. 25m
    ERW610 325-610mm 6.0-18.0mm 250×250-500x500mm 6.0-18.0mm Max. 25m
    ERW720 355-720mm 6.0-20.0mm 300×300-600x600mm 6.0-20.0mm Max. 25m

    Steel pipe classification: Steel pipes are divided into seamless steel pipes and welded steel pipes (seamless pipes). According to the cross-sectional shape, it can be divided into circular tubes and special-shaped tubes. Round tubes are widely used, but there are also some square, rectangular, semicircular, hexagonal, equilateral triangle, octagonal and other special-shaped tubes.

    Chenguan tube mill machine is mainly used to produce welded steel pipes.

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