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    Steel Pipe Making Machine Production Efficiency

    With the same pipe diameter and thickness, the same output power, the Steel Pipe Making Machine speed on site can be fast or slow.

    When the tube mill equipment is the same as the steel belt, the main factor affecting the welding speed is mostly the welding process. If the welding is not good, cracks, undercuts, slag inclusions, infusion, etc. are prone to occur.

    1. Incomplete penetration: low welding current, too fast welding speed, abnormal welding gun angle, etc. are prone to defects such as incomplete penetration. Proper welding current and correct adjustment of the welding gun angle can avoid incomplete penetration.

    High frequency welding

    2. Severe oxidation: during self-melting, the pressure-filling device in the tube fails to provide good protection, and the back of the weld will be oxidized; poor protection of the molten pool and the end of the welding wire during the welding process, or oxidation impurities on the surface of the welding wire will also

    3. Slag inclusion and tungsten inclusion: During the welding process, if the end of the welding wire leaves the argon protection zone during the high temperature process, it will be oxidized in the air. When re-welding, the end of the oxidized wire is not cleaned and sent to the melting In the pool, it is judged to be slag inclusion in the fracture test; if the length of the tungsten electrode is too large, the welding torch will be unstable. After the tungsten electrode and the welding wire or the tungsten electrode and the molten pool collide, the welding is not terminated, resulting in tungsten inclusion

    4. Concave: During the welding process, the torch swings greatly, so that the arc heat cannot be concentrated at the root, resulting in a concave phenomenon where the back weld is lower than the surface of the test piece. The arc heat is concentrated on the root as much as possible, and more spot welding wire is used in the overhead welding position to avoid concave.

    Tube Mill

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