Steel Tube Mill machine main equiment includes double cone decoiler (hydraulic expansion and contraction), automatic cutting & butt welding (pneumatic cutting), horizontal looper, forming and sizing unit, Hot grinding computer saw, Output roller, Roll (optional or prepared by buyer), cutting system, etc….Steel pipe making machine can produce welded tubes of different specifications (pipe diameter, thickness, and length) according to the adjustment and configuration of the machine. We divide these units into 12 different models. These models can be modified according to the needs of customers to meet customers ‘needs for machine production. Welcome to contact us for more details.

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    · Steel Tube Mill Products

    tube mill service

     Steel Pipe mill machine features: high precision pipe making, stable performance, high yield, full automation, simple operation, durable, sturdy machine, continuous production, high efficiency, less material waste, and low production cost. Tube Mill Machine including: Uncoiler, forming welding section, welding seam leveling, welding seam grinding section, initial sizing section, bright solid solution, sizing and straightening section, pipe cutting machine, output cutting platform. The production line control system is: intelligent high-precision PLC control, man-machine display, simple operation, easy to use, safe and reliable.

    Steel Pipe Mill Application

    tube mill application

    Steel Tube Mill Flow Chart

    tube mill flow chart
    1. Oil & Gas Pipes 7. Wire and Cable Protection Pipe
    2. Heating Pipe8. Structural Support Steel Pipe
    3. Low-pressure Process Pipe9. Industrial Steel Pipes
    4. Low Pressure Fire Fighting Pipe10. Decoration Pipe
    5. Sewage Pipes11. Water Pipe
    6. Steel Scaffolding Pipe12. Building pipe

    Step1: Tube Pipe Mill Uncoiler

    pipe making machine uncoiler

    Pipe Tube Mill Uncoiler the function is to support and expand the strip, so strip can enter into machine to roll forming. Strip can be expanded by hydraulic or pneumatic and uncoiler can be rotated 180 degree. Strip expand speed can be adjusted, braking device designed with pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder to press the brake rubber block

    Step2: Shearer Butt Welder Machine

    Shear Welder Machine

    It is used to shear the head and the end of the steel strip of two steel coils, cutting off the irregular part then welding two steel strips, so machine can work continuously.

    Step3: Steel Tube Mill Accumulator

    Tube Mill Accumulator

    Installed between shear & end welder and forming mill, horizontal spiral accumulator store a large amount of strip in a reasonable footprint space to give enough time for shear & end welder to cut and join the ends of two successive coils with non-stop tube mill, It has vertical cage type accumulator for small size tube mill

    Step4: Steel Tube Mill Forming

    Tube Mill Forming machine

    The function of this part is to make the steel strip become to the tube blank by forming rollers

    Step5: Steel Tube Mill Welding & scarfing

    Tube mill welding machine

    The function of this part is to center the welding seam and guide the tube blank to welding device, so the welding seam will be closed before welding, use scarfing tool to remove the burr to ensure the smooth welding

    Step6: Steel Tube Mill Sizing

    tube mill sizing machine

    The function of this part is used to finish the tube blank from the forming machine, so the tube size can meet the physical dimension as customer required, form to square and rectangular and other shape profiles

    Step7: Steel Pipe Straightening

    tube mill straightening

    4 rolls turk head straightening, straighten pipe online to achieve the ideal flatness

    Step8: Tube Mill Cut off Saw

    Tube Mill Flying Saw

    Cut off the pipe with required length, length of pipe can be set
    With option of cold saw and flying saw

    Step9: Steel Pipe Mill Run out table

    Tube mill packaging

    This unit is to convey the finished pipe to packing, pipe transmit by dynamic roll. A signal sensing device installed in the end of run out table, when pipe touch the signal sensing device, it will feedback the signal to control panel, control panel start working and discharge the pipe

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      We never use your data for any purpose other than to contact you regarding your initial request.