Uncoiler Series Machine For Tube Mill Line

Uncoiler Series Machine Description

The steel pipe making machine uncoiler series machine is a key unit in the mill line, It’s mainly used to support the strip coil and together with the end straightener, feed the strip into the flattener

Uncoiler Series Machine Advanges

1. The decoiler has a reasonable design structure, compact shape, high precision, high efficiency, and flexible and convenient adjustment.
2. The main function of the uncoiler is to automatically check the parameters of the steel coil and automatically adjust the centering.
3. The decoiler requires very strict manufacturing process in accordance with the mechanical standards and specifications, and each component is tracked and controlled.
4. The main machine shafts used in our factory are all imported bearings, with advanced lubrication system, the use time will be longer

Production Process

Scrolling up → Uncoiling → Shear and Welding → Spiral accumulator→ Forming → H.F. induction welding → External burr removing → Cooling → Sizing → Flying saw → Run out table →Inspecting→ Packing→ Warehouse

Pipe mill production process

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