Shearer Butt Welder Machine – Tube Mill Line

Shearing Welding Machine

Shearer Butt Welder Machine Description

Shearer Butt Welder Machine is used to connect the strips after cutting the preceding coil tail end and the succeeding coil top end and The tungsten electrode TIG welding is adopted to keep the Tube Mill Line running continuously.

Shearer Butt Welder Machine Advantage

1. Adopt advanced shear technology, cutting mouth smooth without burr;
2. Hydraulic/compressed air as power, easy to work;
3. The plate is clamped and the cutting is controlled by the foot switch;
4. The tungsten electrode TIG welding is adopted, the weld seam is flat and small, without grinding, and the strength of the welded strip is high;
5. Welding process automation

Shearer Butt Welder Machine Feature

1. Slant cutting is adopted. Two upper knives are fixed on the upper knife seat, the upper knife seat is connected with the rack through bolts, and the lower knife is installed on the mobile bracket, and the lower knife bracket has the oil cylinder/cylinder to move up and down.
2. Clamp, position and install on the upper part of the frame.Align the two welding strips and clamp them tightly.Clamping positioning is divided into two parts, left and right, respectively two by foot switch control cylinder/cylinder action
3. The left and right strips to be connected are clamped in the middle of the copper plate electrode plate by the clamping device. The welding gun is fixed on the moving slider, and the reciprocating operation is driven by the lead screw.
4. Motor drive is driven by screw, motor speed is adjusted by the display input servo output frequency, adjust the welding torch speed.
5. Left and right pressure indicator light is on for pressure, light is off for release
6. Left and right pressing device is controlled by foot switch, each step, the left and right pressing device changes once.
7. Shear foot switch in the middle, step down the lower knife upward shear, release the lower knife to return.
8. Adjustment mode;Make the welding torch arc at the edge of the strip 1-2.5mm and arc at the edge of the strip 0.5-4mm.
9. Electric button, with two contact points of welding torch forward and back, can adjust the position of welding torch manually.

Shearing Welding Machine1

Shearer Butt Welder Machine Parameter

Effective welding length210mm250mm300mm350mm
Effective shear lengthe200mm250mm300mm350mm
Strip Thickness0.8-2.5mm0.8-5mm0.8-5mm0.8-5mm
Welding Speed500-1500nm/min500-1500nm/min500-1500nm/min500-1500nm/min
Walking Speed0.10mm0.10mm0.10mm0.10mm
Shear pressure0. 4Mpa10Mpa10Mpa10Mpa
Installed power18.5Kw18.5Kw18.5Kw18.5Kw
Equipment weight400kg600kg700kg900kg

Production Process

steel pipe production process

Scrolling up → Uncoiling → Shear and Welding → Spiral accumulator→ Forming → H.F. induction welding → External burr removing → Cooling → Sizing → Flying saw → Run out table →Inspecting→ Packing→ Warehouse

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